Wife Waxes Husband with Hilarious Reaction!

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Watch this hilarious video of Lindsay waxing Chris all over his body:

In this Team Balmert video:   Lindsay challenges Chris to experience the pain of waxing the hair off your body.  Lindsay looked all too happy about this arrangement. Chris, on the other hand, appeared more cautious, and he was right to be.

Chris has been through quite a few challenges, like being pregnant for a day and experiencing the labor pain simulator machine, but there nothing that compares to the hair being ripped from your body one agonizing wax strip at a time.

Lindsay starts Chris off easy, well kinda, by waxing the hair off his arm.  Then the leg.  Then the chest.  Then the nipple.  Then the buttcrack.  Each new area supplying a more intense pain and an even better reaction from Chris!

The chest and nipples were epic, creating a reaction that would rival Steve Carrell’s horrific chest wax ordeal in The 40 Year Old Virgin. 

The video ends with Chris on his knees wondering how on earth women can do this regularly!

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