Wife Does Husband’s Makeup!

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Watch this hilarious video of Lindsay putting makeup on Chris:

In this Team Balmert video:  After losing a bet, Lindsay challenged Chris to have him put on makeup.  Chris is a man of his word, and with that said, underwent a massive makeover at the hands of Lindsay.  She took full advantage of this opportunity and slapped on everything from eyeliner, to lip gloss, to blush, to even fake eyelashes!  It was hilarious!

Even though this is Chris’ first time wearing makeup, he pulls it off decently well.  If only Lindsay would have made him wear a wig and some heals, he’d be all ready to hit the clubs!

Way to be a trooper, Chris.  Not many men would allow their wives to put makeup on them.  And because of this, the world salutes you…. and laughs at you.

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