Testing Out Billy Bob’s Instant Smile Veneers!

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Watch this hilarious video of Chris surprising Lindsay with the PERFECT SMILE teeth:

In this Team Balmert video:  Lindsay has always been insecure of her smile.. and it’s gotten even worse now that we are doing more and more videos!  I thought long and hard of a way to help her gain confidence… and after some research, I discovered the “perfect” way to help!

The infamous As Seen On TV infomercials captured my attention again!  Dr. Billy Bob’s Instant Smile Veneers were the perfect way to help her gain confidence with her teeth!

For just $19.95 and one minute of your time, you can change your life forever!  Money back guarantee.

Ha!  The only guarantee this product should come with is the guarantee you’ll look absolutely ridiculous!  I guess we paid $19.95 to laugh so hard we nearly peed our pants!

Side note, any ideas how to get these things out of your mouth?  Send help…

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