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Grab a pad of paper and a pen and find out which love language best fits you! Here is a short love language assessment to help you identify your love language:

CLICK HERE to take the love language assessment!

The FIVE Love Languages describe the way we feel loved and appreciated. Depending on our individual personality types, we may feel loved differently than how our partners do. Understanding and decoding the love languages will help take the guesswork out of your partner’s expectations and needs.

The five love languages are…

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

Having an idea what love language fills your significant other’s love bucket will help you understand how to express your love to them. Remember, not everyone shares the same love language. Just because you might feel most loved and appreciated when someone gives you a hug and says “I love you” doesn’t automatically mean that everyone’s love bucket is filled the same way.

Perhaps you and your significant other share the same love language. That’s amazing and very easy to express your love to one another. However, it’s common for couples to have different love languages. And don’t worry, you can have different love languages and still be the perfect couple. If this is the case, it will just take a little extra work on each one of you to always remember to express your love for one another in the way that your significant other reacts to the best.

Let’s recap the five love languages:

#1 – Words of Affirmation
This love language expresses love with words that build up your partner. Verbal compliments don’t have to be complicated; the shortest and simplest words of affirmation can be the most effective. Such words or unsolicited compliments like, “I love you.”, “I love how you always make me laugh.”, “That shirt looks amazing on you.” are all words of affirmation.

On the other side, negative or insulting comments can hurt this person and take longer to forgive than others.

#2 – Acts of Service
This love language expresses itself by doing things that you know your spouse would like. Cooking a meal, doing the laundry, and picking up a prescription, are all acts of service. They require some thought time, and effort.

All of these things must be done with positivity and with your partner’s ultimate happiness in mind to be considered an expression of love. Actions out of obligation and with a negative tone are something else entirely.

#3 – Receiving Gifts
No, this love language isn’t necessarily materialistic. It just means that a meaningful or thoughtful gift makes them feel appreciated and loved. Something as simple as picking up a pint of their favorite ice cream after a long work week can make an impact on this love language.

#4 – Quality Time
This love language is all about undivided attention. No televisions, no smartphones, or any other distractions. They think talk is cheap and the type of action they want is to be your main focus.

This doesn’t mean that you curl up on the couch to watch Netflix or sit on your phone scrolling Facebook. You need to make sure to dedicate time together without all of the distractions. That will help them feel comforted in the relationship.

Every time you cancel a date, postpone time together or aren’t present during your time together, it can be hurtful to your partner.

#5 – Physical Touch
To this love language, nothing is more impactful than the physical touch of their partner. This doesn’t mean full-go public makeout session, but they do feel more connected and safe in a relationship by holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc.

If physical touch is a person’s primary love language without it they will feel unloved. All of the words and gifts in the world won’t change that.

Find out what your love language is:
CLICK HERE to take the short love language assessment!

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