We are Team Balmert

Chris, Lindsay, Gavin and Ryann
Avon, OH

Our journey began with a couple family vlogs here and there, but has quickly expanded to much more.

As a family raising a child with a congenital heart defect, we constantly face mental, emotional and physical challenges. 

Our goal is to connect people to our journey and inspire them to remain upbeat and optimistic while they find their voice and create something that can brings happiness and value to others.  

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Sharing Positivity and Awareness

As we continue to share our journey as a heart family, we also want to share the uplifting mindset we have.  We have developed the family slogan “Stay Upbeat” which means that no matter what is to come with our journey, we must remain positive and optimistic through it all.  You may not be able to control what happens, but you can control your attitude and mindset.

Our daughter needs the support of her family, so we must remain strong for her and show her that no matter what hand we are dealt, we will battle it with a positive attitude and will fight to overcome all.

As you can imagine, this mindset and message, “Stay Upbeat,” has quickly grown into its own movement.  It’s a mindset and message that is relatable to everyone and can be applied to anyone’s lifestyle.

Because of this, we realized our mission is far greater than just spreading congenital heart defect awareness. We want to spread positivity to as many other people as we can.  We know there are so many families who are dealing with issues of all sorts, so our mission is to spread our positive message to help uplift, empower and inspire.

The slogan “Stay Upbeat” has become a powerful movement of positivity, and we are so proud to see the impact it has made thus far.  So if you are on social media, continue to share the message #StayUpbeat.

Our Merchandise

We’ve designed clothing with a purpose.  The family brand “Stay Upbeat” has grown into a movement that many have adopted and applied to their lives.  We’ve decided to use the brand to help us pay it forward to other families in need, especially those who are also affected by congenital heart defects and other life-altering health challenges.

Want to Partner with Us?

We are always looking for new opportunities to spread our message, build awareness and share our story to connect with as many people as we can.  So if you have any opportunities that could help benefit the cause, please don't hesitate to contact us.