If you'd like to send us something, use the mailing information below.

If you'd like to help decorate our studio/office, whether it be a card, a craft you made, a picture you colored, a portrait you sketched, or whatever creative masterpiece you'd like us to hang up in our studio, we'd love to see it.

If you'd like to send us an idea for an upcoming video, a crazy challenge you'd like us to try, some crazy snacks popular in your culture, or whatever fun idea you may have, we'd love to try it in an upcoming video.

If you own a small business and would love to send us your products to test, try, review or have fun with, we would love to show it off and shoutout your information.  Make sure you include a business card with all of your business information to help us share your passion with the world.

Mailing Information:

Team Balmert
PO BOX 555
Avon, OH 44011


*Please note - We can't promise we will get to shoutout everyone and everything we receive, but we promise to do our best.