Husband Pregnant for 24 Hours!

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Watch this hilarious challenge of Chris bring pregnant for a day:

In this Team Balmert video:  For all those times Chris gave Lindsay a hard time during her pregnancy, he received his payback once Lindsay challenged him to experience what it’s like to be pregnant for an entire 24 hours!  Now obviously, there’s no morning sickness, no full bladders all day long, no shooting pains when the baby kicks, etc… so this isn’t even close to what Lindsay felt being pregnant, but at least it was a way for Chris to get a glimpse of what its like.

To create the “pregnant transformation, they used an 8lb medicine ball as the baby bump and weight plates to represent the weight of a mother producing milk.  It wasn’t the most professional way to do it, but with some good ole duct tape, they were able to create this pregnancy suit in no time.

Chris slept with it, woke up to do his morning routine, did household chores and even went out in public to run errands.  He completely embraced the fact of being pregnant and was such the trooper.  However, once those 24 hours expired, he was quick to “give birth” and get out of the pregnancy suit.

He ends the video by sharing his newfound appreciation for everything Lindsay (and all women) have to go through during pregnancy.

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