Husband Does Labor Simulator!

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Watch this hilarious video of Lindsay putting Chris through labor simulation:


In this Team Balmert video:  Chris made a bet to Lindsay that if the “Husband is Pregnant for a Day” video were to go viral, he would follow it up by doing the labor simulator.  Sure enough, just a few hours after posting, the “Husband is Pregnant for a Day” video caught the viral wave and was all over the internet; compiling hundreds of thousands of views.  Their local news stations were even reaching out for an interview.

Chris is a man of his word and the following week, was strapped to the labor simulation machine at the mercy of Lindsay behind the controls.  She starts him off slow, but before you know it, sends him into full-forced labor simulation.  After a few minutes of screams, yelps and misery, Chris yells the safe-word, “epidural” to end the session.  But not before Lindsay was able to enjoy a show she will never forget!  Her laughs were contagious!

Now obviously this isn’t the exact same experience Lindsay will have during the birth of their daughter, but it’s a little taste of the experience.  And even though Chris didn’t last very long, he was definitely the trooper for stepping up to the plate and taking on the labor simulator face-to-face!

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