Hilarious Mouthguard Game with Food!

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Watch this hilarious video of Lindsay and Chris playing the Mouthguard Game with food:

In this Team Balmert video:  There are several versions of this game, Mouthguard Challenge, Watch Ya Mouth, Speak Out, etc, however, not many of them involve you trying to eat food with these crazy mouthguards.

Chris and Lindsay start off by trying to play the game as intended, which is to read a saying off a card to your teammate with the goofy mouthguard in your mouth.  After a few rounds, they decided to up the level of intensity and try to eat some messy foods with the mouthguards in.  It quickly became hilarious!

From crackers, to bananas, to gummy snacks, to watermelon, they gagged, chocked and drooled all over the place!

So who won?  Not sure anyone did actually.. especially after seeing the mess that was left for them to clean up.

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