Hilarious Charcoal Face Mask Reactions!

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Watch this hilarious video of Chris and Lindsay trying to use the charcoal masks:

In this Team Balmert video:  After seeing these charcoal face mask videos all over the place, Chris and Lindsay decide to try one out for themselves… and it was hilarious!

They cake on the mask, avoiding as much facial hair as they can.  Once complete, they have to wait 20 minutes for the charcoal mask to dry.

After the 20 minutes is up, they come back to share their progress.  Here’s the kicker, if you notice, Chris has nearly double the amount of charcoal mask on his face than he did before they waited for it to dry.  He said they figured to just use the entire bottle since there wasn’t much left anyways.

Well.. one Chris started to peel off the charcoal mask, he quickly realize he made a horrible decision to add more.

Their reactions as they peel the charcoal off piece by piece was epic!

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