5 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt

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Ugh, for the lack of a better way of saying it.. self doubt sucks…

We all have that voice in he back of our heads that we hear all too often that tells us we can’t do something, or we aren’t strong enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough, or talented enough.

Self-doubt can be that troubling and persuasive voice that holds you back from committing to your passion, working toward your life goals or accepting amazing opportunities.  Here’s the biggie that we can relate to the most, self-doubt causes us to overthink everything.

Have you ever felt that way?  Every have something you really wanted to do?  Or a passion you really wanted to pursue?  But then the more you think about it, the more you begin to panic?  Or you start to overthink the littlest details, which a lot of the times aren’t even important – and this causes you to procrastinate and generate bogus excuses why you can’t do it?  That’s the big one for us.  Sometimes we catch ourselves overthinking something to the point of mental and emotional exhaustion.  So much so that we aren’t excited to do it anymore.

Self-doubt sucks.  Nearly all of us face it at one point or another – some way more than others.  With this said, we wanted to share five tips to help you overcome self doubt and hopefully keep your mindset positive and confident.

5 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt and Boost Confidence:

TELL YOURSELF TO STOP.  This one might be easier said than done, but sometimes, it works.  When we begin to hear that voice in the back of our head, we literally pause and have a pep-talk with ourselves.  There’s been plenty of times we’ve had to look ourselves in the mirror and talk through it. Figure out what it is that is causing self-doubt.  Are there certain variables that you might be questioning or hesitant about?  What might be the factor(s) that are triggering it? Lets face it, self-doubt is nothing more than a mental hiccup caused by fear of the unknown.  We doubt ourselves because there’s a sense of fear of what the outcome will be; especially if the outcome may not be in our favor.  Will everything we do always work out perfectly and have the outcome we wanted?  Hate to break it to you, but nope.  But here’s the thing, whatever you’re doing, we believe the mindset you have going into whatever it is you’re doing plays a huge part whether the outcome is in your favor or not.  Attacking self-doubt early and facing that fear head on can be a great way to stop it dead in its tracks, allowing you to have a strong mindset going into it.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.  This has been a huge one for us lately.  Ever hear the slogan, “You are what you eat.”?  We believe this is so true when it comes to the personal inspiration you fuel your mind with.  If you fuel your mind with positivity and growth, your mindset will become stronger and stronger. As we continue to share our lives with you on social media, there are days when we aren’t as motivated to post, or to grab the camera, or to plan a podcast.  We are all humans and we all have those moments.  When we have ideas for videos, there are plenty of moments where we doubt if it will turn out the way we hope.  Heck, we doubted ourselves for months leading into the launch of our weekly video podcast, The Update on Facebook.  But thanks to a tip from some friends, we decided to invest back into as much personal development as we could as a couple.  Now, we’ve worked it into our daily routine to watch/listen to a few uplifting segments to help us overcome whatever struggles we may feel brewing.  Whether it’s a podcast, a YouTube video or a segment from a book, we try to sit down as a couple and absorb it together.  Lately, our favorites have been the badass legend himself, Gary Vaynerchuck and the amazing Rachel Hollis (author of the best selling book, ‘Girl Wash Your Face‘).

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.  Piggy-backing on the last tip of personal development, it’s important to follow people who inspire you.  Whether they are celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuck or Rachel Hollis, or other peers who may be successful in the same industry/passion of yours, following their day-to-day activity is extremely important.  Listen to their words, mimic their actions, follow their footsteps.  But with this said, it can be easy to fall into the comparison trap; especially if they are successful with whatever it is you are pursing, too.  Example, do they already have an established podcast?  Or do they have a YouTube page of over 100,000 subscribers?  Do they now work their passion as a full-time dream job?  Here’s where we tend to fall into a rut.. when we see these amazing accomplishments, sometimes we forget about what all went into it to make them happen.  Think about it, they are successful at what they are doing because of the hundreds of podcasts they did before you found them, or the dozens of videos that they edited and published to their channel prior to you subscribing, or the years and years of work that went into creating the freedom to work their passion full-time.  Or we see their brand new car, or their amazing vacation photos, or their viral videos and we become discouraged and begin to doubt ourselves because we aren’t at that level.  Sometimes we tend to compare others year 12 to our year 2 and that’s the worst thing you can do.  Never compare your behind-the-scenes to someone’s highlight reel.

SELF-AWARENESS.  Take the time to learn about yourself.  We all have strength and we all have struggles.  We all have things we are really good at and things that we suck at.  Here’s the thing, discover what you’re good at and triple down on it.  Focus on your strengths and activities you are confident in.  If you have an outgoing personality, then focus on sharing your message in front of a camera.  If you are comfortable talking and on camera, then record more and more videos.  Find what is natural to you and what you’re good at and ramp that up.  If you hate being on camera but can express your message through text, then blog every chance you get.  If there’s something you are a rockstar at, do it and do it 10x more than what you’ve been doing.  Our focus is to find what we love doing and what we are good at and strive to keep getting better and better at it!  It’s obvious that self doubt is much harder to contain if you are focusing your time on your struggles and weaknesses.  Now, here’s another important part of that.  We aren’t saying to complete ignore your weaknesses forever.  We believe we all have struggles and weaknesses, however, we all have the ability to strengthen them.  Whether it’s personal development, practicing on camera, working with an editor, etc, there are ways to help you overcome struggles and add to your strengths.  Keep trying to grow your strengths, but when it comes to working toward your goal, find those things you’re already really strong at and really invest into them.

STOP THINKING.  START DOING.  Have you ever wanted to do something, but you continuously stress about every little detail?  “Wait, I have to do that but that’s when I might be doing this?”  “Wait, I don’t have one of those so not sure if I can do this.” “Wait, if I need to do this every day, how will I have time for that, this and those?” “Wait, before I start, I need to make a calendar to keep up with my days.. and color code it.. with cute stickers.. or maybe different colored paper for each day… wait, I don’t have colored pencils.. I guess I’ll start next week instead after I go to the store.”  Let’s face it, over-thinking something triggers self-doubt, fuels excuses, and leads into procrastination.  And the more we procrastinate, the more this cycle continues on and on and on.  Here’s the biggest, juiciest piece of advice we can give you… if you have an idea of what you want to do, the faster you can take action and put the plan to work, the better.  Overthinking results in fear… and the only way to cure fear is by ACTION.  Think about it, as kids, we are afraid of water, right?  But the second our parents push us into the deep end and we realize that water isn’t so bad and actually swimming is so much fun!  Or for someone afraid of heights, you often here they cure the fear by going on a roller coaster or perhaps skydiving from an airplane.  Action cures fear.  The best way to cure fear and overcome self-doubt is to DO IT and DO IT and DO IT.  The more action, the more comfortable you become, the more confidence you gain, the more talented you become.  Stop thinking, start doing.

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