10 Important Parenting Tips for New Parents!

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Check out this video of Chris & Lindsay sharing their top tips for parenting:


DON’T COMPARE:  When it comes to raising kids, everyone always has to chime in.  But remember, just because everyone is entitled to their own opinion doesn’t mean you need to listen to them!  Silence the peanut gallery by ignoring their opinions and doing your own thing.  It’s your kid, raise them how you want.  What works best for someone else may not always work the best for you – and that’s perfectly fine!

GET ON A SCHEDULE:  Kids can easily consume your day.  It’s important to set a schedule and a routine so you have method to the madness.  Most importantly, don’t forget to have time on the agenda for yourself.  If you need to sneak away to Target for a few hours to decompress, drop the kids off with a sitter or at grandma’s.  It’s important that you take time to recharge your batteries.  You may be a mom or dad, but you are also your own identity.  Never lose sight of that.

PLAN FOR THE WORSE:  They’re kids.  With that said, they are natural disasters waiting to happen.  Let’s face it, they are always up to something.  If you think something can go wrong, chances are it will.  Whether it’s meltdowns in public, bathroom accidents, unforeseen injuries, sibling fights, etc, always be prepared to take action and recovery.  Always good to pack too much than not enough.  Think PRO-actively, rather than re-actively.

LET KIDS BE KIDS:  They’re kids and they are only young once.  Let them live, even if it drives you bonkers.  If they want to jump in a puddle, let them.  If they want to eat ice cream after their ballgame, let them.  It’s okay to let them be kids and experience the joys of being young.  Think about all the amazing memories you had growing up.. running in the rain, playing mud football, finger painting, eating cookies before dinner, etc.  In the big scheme of things, these create more memories than issues.

MAKE ROOM FOR KIDS:  Kids come with a lot of baggage, so that extra space you were thinking about transforming into a craft room or a mancave will probably be put on hold.  Chances are, that area will be filled with old clothes and toys before you even know it.  Hate to break it to you, but it’s not your house anymore… it’s theirs.  To help make space and still keep your sanity, try to at least stay organized.  We use big containers to store old clothes, old toys, and other keep-sakes.

REMAIN YOURSELF:  This piggy-backs a little bit on creating a schedule.  It’s very easy to be consumed in parenting.  Kids are demanding, whether it’s feeding them, entertaining them, taking them places, etc, getting lost in the mist of it all can easily happen.  But remember, you’re not just their servant… you’re also a person.  You have an identity.  You have needs.  You have hobbies.  You have passions.  You have more of a purpose than just wiping butts, cutting up chicken fingers, and picking up toys.  It’s important that you also make time for yourself and the things that you love to do.  Becoming a parent is a huge commitment, however, it doesn’t mean that you need to drop everything else you’re committed to.  Find the time for yourself; even if that means you need support from grandma or a sitter.  It’s okay, they won’t hate you for it.

SOAK IN THE MOMENTS:  Kids are amazing!  You’ll experience so many amazing milestones, so be sure to really soak them in.  Many people wonder why we document so much and film a lot of our lives.  Well to some, living in the moment means to not record it on video and just soak in the memory.  To each their own.  But to us, capturing moments on camera, knowing that we have that memory to share forever, is how we decide to soak in the moments.  Documenting these milestones and fun family adventures so that we can relive them for years and years to come is how we decide to soak up every drop.  Everyone is different, so whatever way you choose to soak in the memories, go for it.

BE GRATEFUL:  Having children is a huge blessing, so always take the time to reflect on this miracle.  Sure, they may be a pain in the butt at times, but being a mom or a dad is the best blessing anyone can have.  Not every day is rainbow and butterflies.  So on those tougher days, make sure to take a moment to reflect.  We’ve had quite a few days where Gavin was a monster all day long, having us on the verge of going crazy.. but at the end of the night when he fell asleep, we literally just stared at him and soaked in how amazing he actually is.  Or maybe we were just in shock because he finally wasn’t screaming or giving us attitude.  Either way, at the end of the night, they are still your everything.

DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF:  There’s no perfect way to parenting.  There is no such thing as a “perfect Pinterest mom”, so don’t even think about it. Some days will be a lot harder than others.  Some days you’ll feel like a failure.  But guess what?  You are not alone.  We are all trying to figure this out as we go.  So if you’re having a moment where you are about to fly off the handle, trust us when we say, we’ve been there, too.  Don’t sweat the small stuff – everything will be okay.

BE PREPARED TO LOVE LIKE CRAZY:  Once you have a kid, you’ll be amazed at how fast and how you fall in love with them.  That little person, who just eats, sleeps, cries, pukes and poop will literally be your world.  The love you have for a child is unexplainable.. it really is.  You just won’t know until you have children.  It’s amazing.

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