HANACURE Miracle Mask GONE WRONG! *Scary*

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Watch as Lindsay and Chris try the HANACURE Beauty Face Lifting Mask: In this Team Balmert video:  We’ve all seen these crazy face lifting and beauty masks all over the internet, but the HANACURE mask definitely takes the cake! The HANACURE mask is definitely the most unique. Also known as … Continued

Building Gingerbread House with TINY HANDS!

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Watch as Lindsay and Chris build a gingerbread house with TINY HANDS! In this Team Balmert video:  You’ve seen Lindsay and Chris use the tiny hands before in their infamous “Cooking a Turkey with Tiny Hands’ video, but this time, they decided … Continued


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Lindsay and Chris try to recreate some extreme yoga poses: In this Team Balmert video:  The Couples Yoga Challenge has been extremely popular online lately, so Lindsay and Chris decided to try it themselves.  The couple tries to recreate some of the hardest … Continued

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner with TINY HANDS!

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Lindsay and Chris attempt to cook a Thanksgiving turkey with tiny hands! In this Team Balmert video:  Here’s a great Thanksgiving Day special from the Balmert family!  You’ve seen the Tiny Hands Challenge game all over the internet, so now it was … Continued

Husband vs. Wife EPIC BATTLE!

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Watch this epic inflatable jousting battle between Chris and Lindsay: In this Team Balmert video:  Sick and tired of bickering at each other, Chris and Lindsay decide to handle their differences in a unique way… with inflatable jousting! Ding ding ding!  The two … Continued

Testing Out Billy Bob’s Instant Smile Veneers!

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Watch this hilarious video of Chris surprising Lindsay with the PERFECT SMILE teeth: In this Team Balmert video:  Lindsay has always been insecure of her smile.. and it’s gotten even worse now that we are doing more and more videos!  I thought long … Continued

5 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt

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Ugh, for the lack of a better way of saying it.. self doubt sucks… We all have that voice in he back of our heads that we hear all too often that tells us we can’t do something, or we … Continued

10 Important Parenting Tips for New Parents!

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Check out this video of Chris & Lindsay sharing their top tips for parenting:   DON’T COMPARE:  When it comes to raising kids, everyone always has to chime in.  But remember, just because everyone is entitled to their own opinion … Continued

Hilarious Mouthguard Game with Food!

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Watch this hilarious video of Lindsay and Chris playing the Mouthguard Game with food: In this Team Balmert video:  There are several versions of this game, Mouthguard Challenge, Watch Ya Mouth, Speak Out, etc, however, not many of them involve you … Continued

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